Meet Lucy Stone

World Famous Abolitionist and Suffragist is coming to the Plainfield Libraries - virtually!

Join us as storyteller and Historic Portrayal Artist Judith Black tells the amazing story of Lucy Stone.

You will get to meet the public and private Lucy Stone (1818-1893) and enter her world as she yearns for an education deemed unacceptable for girls, obstinately rejects the idea of marriage and overcomes every obstacle to become the ‘shining star’ of the antislavery and women’s rights movements. She will make you privy to her crisis when wooed and pursued by Henry Blackwell, and live through her angst of choosing between two life-long commitments when the 15th Amendment (granting African American men the right to vote in 1870) causes a split in the ranks of the women’s movement.

Featured on stages from the Montreal Comedy Festival to The Smithsonian Institution, to the Art Museum of Cape Town, Judith Black has appeared 15 times at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, and is the winner of the Oracle Award, storytelling’s most coveted laurel.

Zoom living history presentation is Monday, March 1st at 7PM. Email for zoom link