Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The mission of the Philip Read Memorial Library and the Meriden Library is to
provide access to information and materials (both print and nonprint) to people of all ages in the
community in order to meet their recreational, informational, and educational needs.
The library staff will satisfy the patron's need to know and will provide a comfortable atmosphere for
community interaction.

I. The objectives of the Philip Read Memorial Library and the Meriden Library shall be:

A. To operate the Library in accordance with the New Hampshire Library Laws and RSA 184:3,
Confidentiality Law, and to strive to meet the current standards set by the American Library
Association (ALA) and the New Hampshire State Library Development System for public libraries in
towns of equal population.
B. To adhere to the ALA Library Bill of Rights and the "Freedom to Read" statement, and the statement
on labeling.
C. To seek to identify community needs, and to assemble and organize books and related materials in
order to promote and stimulate knowledge, wisdom, culture, enjoyment and continuous
self-education for all residents equally as applicable to state/federal statutes.
D. To cooperate with each other, the district school library, Kimball Union Academy, and other libraries
in the New Hampshire State Library System to strengthen its own services and resources and, in
turn, the state library system.