Library Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees is composed of five members elected for staggered, three-year terms. The Trustees govern both of the libraries in the Town of Plainfield: the Meriden Library, 22 Bean Road, Meriden, NH 03770, and the Philip Read Memorial Library, 1088 Route 12A, Plainfield, NH 03781. 

Trustees of the Plainfield Public Libraries:

  • Adrienne Cedeno (2024) - Secretary
  • Jennifer Lenz (2025) - Treasurer 
  • Rosemary Mills (2026)  
  • Judy Ptak (2025)- Vice-Chair   
  • Jeanne Woodward-Poor (2024) - Chair

Trustee meeting notices and minutes may be found on the Town of Plainfield website

The Library Board of Trustees welcomes public comments and suggestions to help improve the services that both our town libraries provide. Contact the Trustees: