Local Authors

Local Author Series 2024

Program Overview:

The Local Authors Speaking Program will consist of a series of events hosted at the Plainfield NH Public Libraries, featuring discussions, readings, and Q&A sessions with talented writers from our community. This initiative aims to:

  • Support Local Talent: Provide a platform for authors in our community to showcase their work, connect with readers, and gain visibility.
  • Promote Literacy: Inspire a love for reading and writing by bringing authors and readers together in a shared space, fostering a sense of community around literature.
  • Encourage Dialogue: Facilitate meaningful conversations between authors and audience members, creating an interactive and enriching experience for all involved.

Local Authors

If you are a local author, defined as authors currently living or having lived a significant portion of their lives in NH or Vermont counties in the vicinity of Plainfield, NH, and would like to donate a book to our collection, please read through our donation guidelines:

  • The Library does not accept workbooks, audiovisual materials, or e-materials for inclusion in the local author's collection. 
  • Books must have been published in the last five years and be in new condition.
  • The Library will only accept one copy of each title.
  • Author donations are limited to 5 titles per year.
  • The book must be bound and the binding must be strong enough to withstand multiple readings/circulations.
  • For works containing multiple authors, the local author must have contributed 50% of the content of the book to be considered as an addition to the Local Authors Collection. If the local author has contributed less than 50% the book may be considered for addition into the regular collection.
  • Materials donated become the property of the Plainfield Public Libraries. 
  • The Library Director will decide whether or not to include the book in the collection based on the selection guidelines in the Library’s collection development policy. Items will be withdrawn from the collection following the weeding guidelines in the Library’s policies.
  • Materials selected for inclusion in the local author's collection will be marked with special tape noting “Local Author” and shelved in the section corresponding to the collection or subject of the title. All materials in the local author's collection will be cataloged and searchable/discoverable in the Library’s catalog.

To donate a copy of your book to be considered for addition to our local author collection, please complete email Jim Allen at jim.allen@plainfieldlibraries.org or stop by to chat in person.