Meeting Space Policy

The meeting space/areas in the Plainfield Public Libraries (PPL's) are available for use by non-profit, educational, civic, cultural, charitable, and social organizations in Plainfield.  Whenever it is not being used for library programs or by library organizations, the library makes these meeting spaces available on equal terms to all persons and groups, subject to the following conditions and procedures.

1. Use of the meeting spaces is for non-profit, educational, cultural, charitable, social organizations that are free and open to the public.  Use of the room during off hours use is to be determined by the Director.  Publicly advertised meetings or programs must be open to all.

2.  It is understood that library programming will have first priority in room use, and that room bookings made by outside groups may be preempted for library purposes.  Library staff is not available to change the meeting space arrangement or to provide support services such as carrying equipment or materials into or around the library, operating audio-visual equipment or making photocopies.

3.  No groups or individuals may charge attendees, solicit donations, or sell items or services.

4.  Permission for groups composed of minors (under 18 years of age) to use the library meeting rooms will be granted only to adults who accept responsibility for supervising them throughout the activity on the premises.

5.  The library staff reserves the right or cancel or suspend, at their discretion, any activity which disregards the library's rules and regulations and/or eject any participant engaging in disruptive, destructive, unruly, or illegal behavior/conduct.

6.  Authors and artists hosted by the Plainfield Public Libraries may offer their works for sale incidental to a lecture or performance.  Further, the Library Director may make exceptions for seminars, lectures, and programs held in cooperation with the library, or for adult education courses sponsored by an established educational non-profit institution.

7.  Groups organizing private events (such as birthday parties, showers, etc) and those charging for their services or programs may not use the library's meeting rooms.

8.  Groups are prohibited from making statements in their advertising or meeting announcements that suggest library sponsorship or endorsement.

9.  The libraries cannot provide storage areas for groups using the rooms on an ongoing basis.

10.  Meeting rooms are a library resource and should be left the way they were found.  All supplies, food, drink, and trash should be removed by user at the completion of the use of the room.  The individual who completes the registration form will be held responsible for damage.  No tape of any kind may be used on the walls.

11.  By order of the fire department, each meeting space as a maximum capacity.  Please ask for the specific information.  Open aisles must be maintained within seating arrangements to provide clear egress.

12.  Groups holding reservations are requested to notify the library of any cancellations at the earliest possible date in order to free the meeting space for other groups.  Advanced reservation space is recommended.  The library staff reserves the right to limit the overuse of room by one group.

13.  The library will not be responsible for lost or damaged materials used in exhibits or programs.

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