Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a cooperative system by which patrons may borrow materials not owned by the Plainfield Public Libraries.  Other libraries may borrow materials owned by the Plainfield Public Libraries (PPL).  

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing

Interlibrary loan borrowing service is available to all patrons holding a valid library card from the Plainfield Public Libraries.  

The cardholder's:

  • contact information must be up-to-date
  • account have attached fines under $10.00
  • account has no other ILL items overdue at the time of pick up. 

Interlibrary loan services will be denied to anyone who has lost other library privileges until such privileges are restored.

Requests may be made using any of the following methods: Walk-in requests, telephone, or email.  

Philip Read Memorial Libary  675-6866

Meriden Library 469-3252

The PPL will borrow any format of materials the lending library is willing to lend. In general, libraries do not lend new materials published within six months. The PPL respects all restrictions placed on materials being borrowed from lending libraries such as in-library use only, shortened loan periods, or no renewals. Cardholders will be informed should an item have any restrictions. 

A cardholder may borrow up to five titles at one time. More titles may be requested at the discretion of the ILL Librarian. 

Every effort is made to fill requests in a timely way. If the material is not available from New Hampshire sources, the patron will be consulted before we attempt to borrow from out of state.   The time until receipt of materials will depend on the availability and delivery method. If the material is not available to be borrowed, or there will be a delay in receipt of the item, the patron will be notified. 

Loan periods are dependent on the due date established by the lending library, allowing for time for return travel.  Typically, ILL materials are loaned for a three-week period. When requested by the patron, PPL will attempt to renew materials borrowed from another library.

Patrons are responsible for picking up requested items at the requesting library within one week of notification.  If the patron damages or loses an item, the patron is responsible for the cost or replacement of the item, depending on the lending library’s preference, as well as any processing fee charged by the lending library. 

Interlibrary Loan Lending

PPL will loan materials in accordance with ALA and New Hampshire State Library guidelines.

PPL circulating materials may be loaned with the following exceptions:

  • materials in high demand 
  • reference materials
  • bulky or fragile items.   

PPL will lend photocopies of periodical articles or pages from books in accordance with Federal Copyright Law.  

There will be no charge to lend materials from the PPL collection to other libraries nor will charges be assessed for overdue items. For libraries outside the NH Van delivery system, PPL reserves the right to charge for the cost of shipping. PPL materials will be loaned to other libraries for six weeks, including transit time. Renewals will be at the discretion of the ILL Librarian. PPL will assess a fee on lost, stolen or damaged items based on the cost of the item. 

This policy complies with the guidelines of the American Library Association (, the New Hampshire Interlibrary Protocol Manual (, and copyright law.






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