Meriden Library History

Meriden Library

The New Hampshire legislature approved a petition from Daniel Kimball and other villagers to incorporate a library in Meriden Village on December 11, 1797. Various village homes were used to house the library until 1815 when Kimball Union Academy offered space in their new building. That building was destroyed by fire in 1824. A new collection of books was assembled on the first floor of the Congregational Meeting House in Meriden. When fire destroyed the church, the library books were saved and moved to the home of Marion Eastman where they stayed until the Meriden Town Hall was built in 1896 with space set aside for the library. The Brown School, located west of the town hall, housed the library from 1911 - 1965. The current library was built on a parcel of land located next to the Meriden Grange and was dedicated on November 20, 1965.