Internet and Technology Use Policy


To meet the information needs of its community, the Plainfield Public Libraries offers access to the Internet with public access computers and wireless access, both inside and outside of the buildings. 

The Library does not guarantee the privacy of any internet session, nor is it responsible for the security of information transmitted and received during internet use.

The library is not responsible for any damage to patron data accessed with library equipment plugged into outlets or USB ports or connected to the library’s public Wi-Fi. 

The Library cannot guarantee secure connections. Patrons are advised to use standard antivirus protection to prevent unauthorized access to their personal devices. 

It is not recommended to transmit any sensitive personal or financial information on public access computers. 

The use of headphones is required for sound.

Sessions may be limited if patrons are waiting.

The responsibility of children’s access rests solely with the parent/guardian. The library will not serve in loco parentis to monitor children’s access. As is the case with other library materials, any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. 

It is the policy of this library to prohibit the use of its computers for any purpose that is prohibited by law, including but not limited to hacking or other attempts at unauthorized access, or the transmission of information that is libelous, that infringes any copyright, violates any applicable licensing agreement or is intended to harass, intimidate, threaten, or defraud. Displaying adult content material, digital or print, in public view will result in an automatic 30-day suspension of all library privileges. 

Misuse or abuse of library resources or willful and malicious damage to equipment may result in the immediate suspension of library privileges and/or prosecution of criminal charges [RSA 202- A:24].


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